Scarpa Mykonos
Small but irresistible, this attractive cocktail bar located in Little Venice has become one of the best-known and must-visit places in Mykonos island, for 40 years now.
Even though it is open from morning, serving great breakfast and fresh juices, Scarpa truly invites you to get there early in the afternoon,
so as to get ready for the magnificent sunset. After that, the party starts and goes on till the next morning - everybody is up dancing until the crack of dawn.
This is Mykonos after all. Open from March to October, Scarpa (this is also the old name of this area) and its special atmosphere, encapsulate the essence of the island,
offering unforgettable nights, as well as a unique, sensual and memorable experience.


Scarpa Bar

Scarpa stands out for its finest selection of house vibes by famous DJs and excellent drinks - well known for the fresh cocktails, not exclusively served during the night.


Little Venice , Mykonos 846 00