Miss Katerinas Xidaki had decided to transform her family house into a Restaurant and Cocktail Bar. Her business intuition made her create the Katerina’s Restaurant and Cocktail Bar. Having the big advantage of the spectacular view of Little Venice, the two storey building was transformed into a complete restaurant.

A few years after, Katerina’s son Konstantinos Varnalis becomes in charge of the restaurant.  On top of that, Konstantinos has organised a magnificent cocktail bar. In the interior of the bar one will be able to see the wooden sculptures of his. At the lower level, in the restaurant one can have a lunch or dinner just next to the sea!

Katerina’s Cocktail Bar operates since 1991 at the upper level of the building. Here one can enjoy our quality cocktails and spirits. Cool drinks, logical prices with a breathtaking view!

” The professional crew of Katerina’s will always be ready to assist you and make sure you will get informed regarding the menu and any drink offers. Always smiling, our waiters will have as their main goal to keep you satisfied so you can enjoy your visit at Katerina’s. “