'Caprice Bar Mykonos' a mythic name!
Caprice Bar Mykonos is a true legend praised by international press as a trend setting bar, the bar synonymous with Mykonos and Greek Summer. According to Newsweek, Caprice Bar Mykonos is one of the 10 Best Bars Worldwide. Cherished by international celebrities Caprice Bar Mykonos has become the favorite haunt of showbiz stars, artists and jet setters of all times.
Caprice Bar Mykonos: on the seafront of Little Venice with a stunning view of the Aegean Sunset

Cosmopolitan and unique, Caprice Bar Mykonos is built in the traditional Cycladic way, using gentle simple lines and subtle curves creating a perfect blend of innovative Greek style combined with classic elegance. Caprice is literally built on the seafront of Little Venice being thus the natural sequel of the endless horizon and the joyful witness of thousands of Aegean Sunsets. The shiny white and blue colors, the characteristic 'Caprice Turquoise' color, the sophisticated, intellectual and luxurious ambience, the vases filled with exuberant flower arrangements, the decoration consisting of rare mirrors, valuable paintings and rich stone textures painted white in the traditional Cycladic way, they are all the ingredients of the authentic Greek style the Caprice way. It is this warm surrounding that makes the perfect 'entrée' to the enjoyment of the incredible views of the Aegean Sea and Sunset. Caprice Bar Mykonos is scenery of absolute liquidation of light per se!
Caprice Bar Mykonos: Cocktails, Bubbles and Fun, Fun, Fun

When the sun goes down and till the morning after, night after night, spirits get loud and louder in Caprice Bar Mykonos. The Party Buckets appear to indulge all our guests to the night vibes. The famous signature Caprice cocktails go round decorated with genuine fruit sticks whereas the shots, made of local and exotic fresh fruit, are served in the most imaginative trays loaded with fresh ice. Do not miss trying our signature Caprice cocktail based on vodka and dark rum with its characteristic 'Caprice Turquoise' color, our international success story 'karpouzi' (water melon) shots and - of course - our 'drinking the stars', sparkling goddesses of the night, some of the most prominent champagnes of the world!
Further to these ones, tasting our classic Dry Martini cocktail, our fanciful Margarita, our exotic Pina Colada, our cool Mojito, the sleek Daiquiri, the indulging non alcoholic long drinks like Ginger Volume or our Cosmo-Cosmopolitan will simply blow your mind. Let yourself feel the vibes! And let our sublime, feel good, uplifting music choices invite you to a hot, sexy, full-on party mode.


Caprice Bar: the Mecca of party nights in Mykonos

Initiation to pleasure, a living legend, for more than 30 years and every night, from the famous sunset till the brilliant sunrise, Caprice Bar Mykonos is the perfect party destination. It is an incredible ambience in a landscape of extraordinary beauty, the must place to be and even more, the awesome way to entertainment.


Caprice Bar Mykonos: Your events, your stories

Mi casa su casa... Let us all share your aspiration for a dream event our place.
We know what it takes to create true fantasy scenery for customized special events such as receptions, corporate events, anniversaries, weddings, bachelor, pre-wedding and birthday parties, as Caprice Bar Mykonos is proud of having hosted hundreds of them. A dedicated team of people with a wide range of skills give flesh and bone, soul and magic to the scenery where guests are our top priority. Five star hospitality- five star quality.


Come with us, Be Yourself, Free Yourself, Caprice Yourself!


Little Venice , Mykonos 846 00