What better than enjoy a frozen Mango Dazzle, when coming back from the beach or having one because you just fancy it! And that’s one of the many signature cocktails to be had at BAO’S!

The little island right across Mykonos was once the lair of the well-known to locals, Pirate George Bao.

A legendary defender of Mykonos island during the first revolution on 1770, George Bao , fought bravely against the Turks and protected his compatriots .
From his den Pirate Bao looted and overruned enemy ships anchored on the narrow passage between the two islands . As a reward for his noble services, the little island was given to Heroic Bao and ever since bears his name.
Indeed a chapel of Saint George’s was built on the island honoring the man who guarded Little Venice’s shore.

Deriving inspiration from the mythic figure of Pirate Bao, the homonym Cocktail Bar comes into existence, with the aim of writing glorious history. In the spirit of its namesake hero,
Bao's, rebellious and unconventional in nature, with daring cocktails and epic music from around the world becomes today’shideout for a true Mykonian adventure.


Lamprou Katsoni 1, Mikonos 846 00